High school coach bloodied in fight at Mississippi game

High school coach bloodied in fight at Mississippi game


The Rams-Bengals brawl wasn’t the only melee that occurred on Thursday.

A high school football coach wound up with a bloody head and face after an altercation at a Mississippi game he was reportedly scouting.

In now-viral videos, two men can be seen screaming at each other, when a man in a dark t-shirt and khaki shorts yells, “shut your damn mouth” at another male dressed in a blue t-shirt and white shorts. The latter was filmed screaming lewd messages before the fight broke out.

Vicksburg News in Mississippi identified the bloodied man in the blue Heidelberg Football t-shirt as Jim Nowell, who is the Heidelberg football coach. He was an assistant coach at Vicksburg High during the 2020 season. His Heidelberg team recently won a district title.

“I’ll whoop your ass,” Nowell yelled.

“Come out in the parking lot and whoop my ass then,” the other man responded.

The two began throwing punches before they could make it down the bleachers.

Nowell was escorted out of the game by what appeared to be two police officers.

The altercation was captured on video by fans in the stands and quickly circulated on Twitter and Facebook.

“This happened right in front of us at the game,” Kortney ShyAnne Hudson wrote in a Thursday Facebook post, which included the footage. “It’s a shame that you can’t go to a football game and enjoy it. This is Heidelbergs head coach!”


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